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Sunday, February 21, 2010

charlie hunt bracelets

hi everyone!!
i have received a wonderful response from some very fashionable people and i am humbled!! i promise to do my best to make this blog great for you!! i am new to this, but i want to do this my own way and i am not going to look or copy anyone else's blogs as i want this unique to me!! i am not posting anything here that i sell myself as i want this to be a blog about all the great things in life and i have no personal interest in any of the products or restaurants i will be blogging about.
i want to let everyone know where they can get these fab bracelets!! fashion forward people know these kind of bracelets would retail in the hundreds in stores like ralph lauren. i want to find stuff that is wonderful, but off the beat and path and bring them to you all here!!
the gallery where i found these gems is called the navarro gallery in sedona az. i e-mailed the nice woman who i bought my bracelets from and told her that people may contact her to buy some and she will ship them directly to you. she only had 3 left last week, but she said that charlie was making more and they are all handmade and would be there in the gallery next month.
her name is leanne and her e-mail at the gallery is
they also sell beautiful belts to match the bracelets!
cheers and giddy op!!
patty p

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