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Sunday, February 21, 2010

o'canada! beautiful vancouver british columbia!

hi everyone!
i am posting once again today for a very special let you all know about beautiful vancouver, british columbia!!
i am sure you all have been watching the olympics which are taking place in vancouver! i had the pleasure of calling vancouver my home for 6 years while my husband played hockey for the vancouver canucks. yes, hockey is canada's obsession! it is a religion up there and the whole country shuts down to watch hockey on saturday nights for hockey night in canada. it is equivalent to baseball in the us!
i wish that you all could have the chance to go and visit this beautiful city! it is the most beautiful city in the world and there is so much to do. i would recommend it highly to all, especially those with kids who like to bike, hike, run, curl, shop...etc etc. for all those fashionistas....vancouver has the best high end fashions and restaurants in the world. the city is a melting pot of many cultures and has so much to offer and see. where else can you be swimming in the morning and skiing in the afternoon?? beautiful whistler mountain has world class skiing and for those who do not want to travel up to whistler, there is grouse mt right on the edge of the beautiful city, with views for miles while you ski day or night!! i could go on and on. if anyone ever wants any info about the city of vancouver ....please let me know before you go!! i can give you a list of all the best places to see, stay, and eat!!
so for now...please tune into the biggest game of the olympic games.....the us vs canada tonight at 7!!! they say that almost 100% of all canadians will tune in.....let's do our part here in the us!!
go usa!!!
patty p

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